Friday, May 23, 2008

KAAY Jerry Sims a/k/a Sonny Martin aircheck

Jerry Sims a/k/a Sonny Martin found thuis aircheck which was actually an audition tape.
Jerry explains: A.J.,

Here is an air check that is among many different tapes that I have begun to go through. Since I used Sonny Martin from the start, I believe this is a "practice run" that I did from the news booth with you in the control room. Jerry Sims was not used on air at all, I do not believe. I thought you would like the jingles and news fomat in particular.

Thanks for all your efforts on the blog. I visit regularly. As always, use things I send as you wish.

Jerry Sims/Sonny Martin KAAY

I know all you aircheck fans want "unscoped" airchecks, but keep in mind, internally, you never sent an unscoped aircheck to a radio station for a job. It was automatic rejection. Program Directors never wanted to hear the music.

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