Wednesday, June 04, 2008

1st Days of KAAY

A comment to this blog remembers the first days of KAAY:

Hello, AJ:

I check your KAAY blog from time to time and enjoy
looking back. When I was a kid growing up in Hot
Springs I remember very well the day KTHS changed
formarts, when I heard all the DJ's read the Little Rock
phone directory and play 'Baby Elephant Walk' by
Lawrence Welk over and over and over, but intro the
song each time as being somethng else. They're read
a little then play the song, read some more, but always
go back to the song. After all these years I've always
remembered it and wondered why other stations haven't
used this as a way to gain streek talk and awareness.



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Anonymous said...

We did something very similar when we changed format of (KAAY's sister FM station) KEZQ to "album rock" from "easy listening". We played Baby Elephant Walk alternating with Queen's "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions". One long time listener called the LR police to go "check things" at the radio station because things didn't "sound right". /DM/