Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KAAY & Pams Sonovox Jingle

One of my most favorite jingles from KAAY was the Pams Sonovox jingle.
Here is a link to it:

I found this interesting comment on another blog:

Yep, the Sonovox was all over those classic PAMS jingles of the Sixties, and it was also used as the voice of the train in Disney's Dumbo. I'm sure there are other examples but they don't come to mind right now. Oh, one more. If you're into old-time radio, we run into another talking train in the Bromoseltzer ads on Inner Sanctum, and that's a Sonovox interfaced with a sound effects record. I always thought the Sonovox sound was pretty cool, and it didn't seem to mumble as much as the vocoders did back in the day. Hahahahahaha!

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