Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another "My Hometown"

Today is another of my collection of "My Hometown" Jingles.
This is "My Hometown" for Radio London. If you have a "My Hometown" Jingle for another city please email me at

Here's London:

Here is the Little Rock AR "My Hometown" Jingle

In answer to one of the comments below: Yes, I believe Radio London was one of the pirate radios stations.


Gazmik said...

If I remember right, that was done for one of the pirate stations off-shore from London, wasn't it?

Gazmik said...

Oops! My brain must not be working right this morning. You said right in the post "Radio London".

Anonymous said...

Didn't see a "Radio London" anywhere in this list, although there was a "London Underground":

Pirate radio monitoring was one of my avid hobbies...I'll have to look back into my QSLs & see if I can find anything there, because it DOES sound familiar....Bud, Mobile, AL