Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day greetings from all of us at KAAY 1090 blog....well us is me. Radio people seem to like to refer to themselves as "us" or "we". Anyway it makes it sound bigger.

I was extremely fortunate to have a visit here in Alma AR from Lin Voth a/k/a Lin Carl and his wife Margie. Lin was the second manager of KAAY and I have written about Lin several times. In preparation for the video, which I hope to post in the following days, do a search of this blog by typing Lin Carl in the box in the upper left and click on search this blog.

I am very anxious for you to see the section of the video, where Lind talks about what they are doing now.

In our conversation we were remarking how many of the ex-KAAY folks are still married. An amazing number in a business that is not known for long marriages.

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