Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lind Voth Pt 3

You would think two radio guys could get the audio right. I was using a wireless mike for Lin but I didn't have any earphones with me to monitor the recording. Apparently his motor home where we recorded this, had some systems that interfered with the wireless mike. I have edited out most the noise. In this video you will learn how the call letters "KAAY" were selected. You'll hear about the original staff, staying in the Grady Manning Hotel, dogs and all. George Jennings would have had a cat. I'm sure they stayed at the Grady Manning because they probably got a good trade out. Hotel script was easy to get in those days. I've written about trade outs before. You might want to read :

Now today's episode part 3:

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Barbara said...

My first job out of high school was working for a Lind Voth and Simon Rosen and was wondering if this was hiM AND HOW THEY ARE DOING. i MOVED TO gEORGIA 20 YEARS AGO AND LOST TRACK OF THEM. mY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS KNIG5994@BELLSOUTH.NET