Monday, June 23, 2008

"Stan's Record Shop, 728 Texas St. Shreveport La"

I ran into a radio station owner from Joplin Missouri and being introduced someone identified me as being formerly from KAAY. The first words out of the guy's mouth was,
"Stan's Record Shop, 728 Texas Street, Shreveport, Louisiana". That's been over 40 year's ago.

When I first started at KAAY, on the 8 -midnight shift, I got to do Stan's Record Shop.
Stan paid for the hour so we played what Stan wanted. A legal way to get your records played. We had a box that Stan would send up of what he wanted played. He would run a special of several records put together in a package. Most of the songs were not on the KAAY play list but again, he was paying for the entire hour so....

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