Saturday, June 07, 2008

KAAY Razorback Air Mattress Sold!

This very rare collectable item that you saw in a previous post has sold. Here is a link to view the sale:
I was worried because there didn't seem to be much interest in the item. However, at the end it did move nicely. I am anxious to find out from the buyer if their interest is in KAAY, or the Razorbacks or both.

Remember, the scavenger hunt goes on with a nice prize. Scroll down and read the post about it. I know some of you are looking but so far no one has turned up the winning entry. Considering these promos ran 24 hours a day and there were hundreds of episodes. In fact, when Mark Century stopped producing them, we made our own for a while. There is a clue, if someone can find what happened to the Mark Century masters and turn up more than one, we will have to sweeten the prize.

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