Monday, April 14, 2008

Rerun Pams Jingle My Hometown

Several months ago I posted this but I didn't get the comments I felt it deserved. A comment from someone on You Tube prompted me to try it again.

First it predates KAAY by 8-10 years. Second, you must know that I am a terrible historian. I saved nothing from my time at KAAY. Almost all you see on this blog is from others and mostly from Pat Walsh, former manager.

The fact that I have a 45 record from KVLC with the Pams jingle for "Little Rock..My Hometown" is truly amazing.

KVLC was the first top 40 station in Little Rock. It was then owned by Lenord Coe and the "VLC" stood for the Voice of Lenord Coe. Herbie Byrd started as a newsman at KVLC. Incidently if anyone could write a bit about any of these people for my new blog it would be greatly appreciated. Lenord went on to own KLRA. Herbie moved also, and Brother Hal at KLRA was a thorn in everyone's rating side.

Back to the Pams my hometown jingle. These were done for zillions of cities all over the states and foreign countries.
When I ran across the jingle I converted it to digital and have posted it on this blog. A few months ago, I was teaching a computer class for Seniors, on how to use Windows Movie Maker. As I was trying to think of an example to use to make a movie the jingle came to mind. I laid down the sound track and went to the web to search for pictures of Little Rock to fit the jingle. Everything fell into place except for the Boys Club. I never found a picture or understood why that was significant enough to use in the jingle.
I would appreciate any input you can give me on this. I don't even have an exact date. I would put it 1955. Because of the line "fabulous" Central High, I would assume it was before the intergration crisis.

Here is a link to Pams history of "my hometown" :
There is a reference to Euel Box in the Pams story. Sometime after I left KAAY, Tommy Riggs, J.T. Rose and I had a jingle company called Creative Concepts. One of our first efforts was the music track for a film Arkansas Power & Light produced about their nuclear power plant. We went to Dallas and Euel Box helped us put it together....violins and all. We spent more money than we made and got out of the jingle business.

With all this effort in moving a bit of history forward, I would appreciate your comments.

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful display, A.J.! Also a good tutoring tool for the course you mentioned. Very pretty architecture, etc., you chose for the video. A shame lots of things like that are being torn down today in lieu of the benign, drab buildings today.

One of my favorite buildings is the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio railroad building in downtown Mobile on Beauregard Street. It has survived years of neglect and has been many things, converted into office buildings at one time, but now it serves as a bus depot. It has wonderful details, having been built in the 1920's or 1930's...I wish I could provide a picture of it here for you.

Nonetheless, the pictures on this Pams jingle reminded me of it- good job, sir, in picking the structures for the video!

Bud, Mobile, AL