Saturday, April 12, 2008

KATV Tower Collapse

From a reader:

KATV received approval from the Little Rock Planning Commission to build a new tower on Shinall Mountain to replace the one that collapsed in Redfield on Jan.11th.
There still needs to be approval from the FAA and FCC.
Since the collapse KATV has been leasing the analog signal from KTHV's
other tower.
The proposed new tower would be anchored by guy wires that extend 600 feet from the tower at three points. The triangular tower would have multiple antennas and dishes at various heights.
A 3,600 square feet transmitter building and a ten space parking lot would also be at the tower sight with security fencing.

Is channel 7 still licensed to Pine Bluff/Little Rock? I thought that is why the tower was located at Redfield. Did I miss the reallocation of Channel 7 to just Little Rock?

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