Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Poll

Scroll down and on the right is a new poll.

I have been in conversation with KAAY about airing some of the old programs such as Beaker Street. Since that would be a radical departure from their current religious programming, the time would have to be purchased.

The poll is to determine if you would be interested in seeing these programs broadcast again on KAAY to mid America and several foreign countries.

The idea is to buy the time and air the program on Saturday night after midnight. As an example, if 5 people contributed $100 each, we could broadcast several hour long programs for a month.

I'm not asking for any money yet. This is just a poll to see if it is feasible. Your vote is completely anonymous and is not a commitment of any kind.

So vote.....at least the choice is easier than a political vote.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If it works out to air some of the old programs on KAAY again, a program that should be included is Radio Yesterday. The program last aired in '06 and had old newspieces and commercials of KAAY.
The former program director has over 300 tapes and there are still more at the transmitter.