Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Blog established for the Archiving of Ar. Broadcast Personalities

At the suggestion of a reader, I have started a blog devoted to Arkansas broadcast personalities. To make this work I need your input. This will not be limited to KAAY or radio.

Ray Poindexter wrote a book called Arkansas Airwaves and traced radio personalities from the beginning of radio in Arkansas, until the hayday of top 40.

My intention is to take up where he left off. I have the first contribution so the blog has started.

Please visit the blog then drop me an email with a contribution the the blog.

For starters how about someone writing about Gary Weir. Gary started in radio at KXLR and became TV's Bozo the clown.

My email address is ajlinds@yahoo.com.

Here is the blog link:


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