Tuesday, April 01, 2008


(this has little to do with KAAY)
This afternoon I met Fred Baker Sr. right here in Alma, AR. Fred and Fred Baker Jr. started KISR in Fort Smith Ar. You would have thought our paths would have crossed before. While I was working at KAAY, I was in the Army Reserve. Summer camp was usually at Ft. Chaffee, just outside of Fort Smith. We had heard of an upstart FM station that had their tower on a utility pole. We drove by to see it. The studios were in a house. It was an interesting excursion. Better than Moffet Oklahoma. The few FM stations that were on the air played "good music". Fred was playing rock and roll. The rest is history. Few AM's play music anymore. KISR became the dominant station in Fort Smith. AND they are the only Fort Smith station that is not owned by some conglomerate.

During a serious ice storm in the Fort Smith area, some 30 signals were off the air. Only three were on, and only ONE had local news and weather. The other two were voice tracked from who knows where. Fred was the only LOCAL voice. Thanks Bakers for living radio in the best of local traditions. I asked Fred if he would ever sell out. He said he would never say never but the price would have to be right. Way to go Fred. They are finally moving out of the house to a shopping center.

Take a look at what a real local radio station is doing; wwww.kisr.nwr

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