Friday, April 04, 2008

A thought about the old teletypes:

Russell W. said:
A thought about the old teletypes:

I got started in radio back in 1982, just in time to have changed more than my share of AP ribbons (since that duty most often fell to the underlings at a given station). At the same time, I became a believer in the power of pumice.

Also, those boxes which held the fanfold paper were the perfect size to hold 45s when their supply of paper was spent.

AP just isn't as fun on the computer.


Anonymous said...

AJ, check for a typo in this entry - don't you mean you got started in 1962 (not 1982)?
On a different point, I'm glad to see another commenter on the Sirius/XM merger. Let's encourage more comments.
Dave M/

Chris said...

I too did my share of changing AP machine ribbons. I worked for a station in south Arkansas beginning in 1970 while in high school. I learned fast the need for Playtex gloves. During my tenure there I only let the fan-fold paper run out twice. When working the evening shift till local sun-down sign off that was one of the main things to check - always make sure there was enough paper to get through the night.
Ahhh - the good old days of radio!!