Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rare Book

Hello, A.J.! I just saw where you started the new blog! Nice, I hope it blossoms into what you want it to be!

Even though I grew up right here in Alabama, near Mobile, for some reason, I believe that part of me was in Arkansas...or, at least, my heart was! No station like KAAY made the impact on me like any Alabama station did.

You mentioned the book, "Arkansas Airwaves". I searched Google briefly, but didn't see it. Is it out of print, or just an industry publication? Is it even available any more? Sure would like to know!

Thanks for all you do. Visiting your blogs are a highlight of my day!

Thanks for the comment.

KAAY obviously had a big impact on my life, it was happening to me and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. I am always happy to hear from someone totally removed from Arkansas, that shares that impact.

Arkansas Airwaves has long long ago been out of print. Occasionally, I see one go through Ebay but it is for big bucks. A suggestion for those of you who might have the opportunity to go to library book sales. Look for books with radio topics. You can usually pick one up for 50 cents and it may be one of those that are out of print and worth some money. A book about Larry Lujack called "Superjock" sells for around $100 when you can find one.

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