Friday, April 25, 2008

The KAAY Transmitter was built into the Wall

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Holy Smokes! What a dream transmitter for Ham radio operator! It'd just loaf along, since we're only allowed 1500 watts PEP, buy, hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

Some stations are letting old transmitters go just for someone to pick up and get out of their way...lots of AM afficianados on 80 and 160 meters rescue these transmitters and put them into service at their QTHs ( operating locations), refurb and retune them and use them at proper power levels for the service...and they sound GREAT! Bud, KC4HGH, Mobile, AL

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Felix McDonald was proud of the transmitter plant, and he kept it spotless. When touring a visitor through the plant, Felix would point out a very large grey metal enclosure and ask - "Know what that is?" It was the modulation transformer (the audio section of the transmitter) and it weighed 6,600 pounds!!
/Dave M/