Saturday, April 19, 2008

George J. Jennings on WDGY remembered

(George J. Jennings in KAAY newsroom when it was in the KTHV building)

My good friend and former KAAY News Director, and Operations Director. George J. Jennings and his wife Nancy passed away last year. I have written and posted many items on George in the past. (Please do a search by typing in George J. Jennings in the box at the top right and click search this blog)

Yesterday, XM in their weekly feature of old top 40 stations, featured WDGY. It's a rerun that I have heard before. And sure enough, their was a morning drive newscast with George. George was in the original crew that opened KAAY. He was there a few years and went to WDGY. He and Nancy hated the weather and jumped at a chance to return to KAAY.

Oddly in this newscast is a kidney story (one of George's ailments) and of course bad weather.

Sorry for the quality, I think I have a better recording and will try to find it.
Meanwhile here is a clip from yesterday's broadcast.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how such a wonderful, mature voice could come out of that baby-faced feller! A.J., at least once a week, I have to access the KAAY audio files you have here & listen to them...I usually listen while I'm working after-hours, so there's no phones disturbing my listening pleasure...I may have grown up in Alabama, but, where radio is/was concerned my heart resided in Little Rock, AR!