Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bo Rider Aircheck

Hi AJ,

I enjoy reading your blog on KAAY. I have contacted you a couple times in the recent past. If you recall, I just moved to Little Rock from Wisconsin in August 2007.

I used to DX as much as possible when I was getting into radio, and I thought you might enjoy this cut. It's a short aircheck of KAAY from March 13, 1981. It was taped in my room in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin when I was 18. I was a teenage Top 40 rock jock who was being influenced by KAAY and WLS. I always thought I missed the "golden age" of Top 40 by about 10-15 years. The old AM giants were on the downslide in 1981.

The jock is Bo Rider - and the liner is "Where the Music Is." I notice he says the calls as "KAY-Double-A-WHY." I think I read on your blog that was frowned upon at one time since the listener interpreted as "KWAY".

Oh well, it's a nice piece of Americana. Feel free to use it on your site, maybe someone else will enjoy hearing it.


Bob Schultz
Little Rock, AR
Obviously the program director was not concerned about the "double A" business. Also notice he is introducing one hour of uninterrupted music. Might as well been an FM station.
Here is the link to the air check:



Anonymous said...

I agree, A.J., sounded pretty homogenized, absolutely nothing like the raw, comedic, but professional version of KAAY in it's heyday.

Maybe that's a kinda disfunctional way of describing the station, but when there was fun to be heard, it was there...when some serious music came along, so be it...and, when the news came on or a community event was being advertised, you could be sure they got the idea across! I have never heard another station like KAAY in it's heyday and probably not hear another one again.

In a related vein, I listened to KMOX, St. Louis, MO this past weekend, when they were commenting on a hockey game; that was about the closest to home-town as I've heard in a while. On the weekends, there's little nationwide syndicated programming, so sometimes, local flavor can be had...but, I'm not a sports nut, so....

Keep the audio coming!!! Bud, Mobile, AL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the aircheck!!

Bruce M
Houston, TX