Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Directionals

Lancer has left a new comment on your post "KAAY Nighttime Directional Pattern":

One thing the "figure 8" protects is KRLD 1080 Dallas. I figured that out back when I'd try to tune in the Rangers baseball games with my dad in Hot Springs. KRLD also augments their pattern to Little Rock. So we could hear it but it was tough. Too bad the games weren't on WBAP, they are omnidirectional 50kw.

If you want to look at a truly directional station, check out KFXR 1190 Dallas. They have a 12 tower array for their night pattern. It was joked that the signal could go down Elm in downtown Dallas, without hitting the curbs.

Neat article here that details how it was built - end of article says it is a different callsign now but it is currently shown as KFXR on the actual FCC site:


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