Monday, February 23, 2009

Comment on Directionals

The Wrightsville water tower was within about a mile from the KAAY transmitter. The legs of the water tower had to be de-tuned (made electrically invisible) to keep the water tower from negatively effecting the KAAY night-time elongated figure "8" pattern. This was done by stringing a piece of wire along each leg of the water tower and then "tuning" them. There was so much power in the free air around the KAAY transmitter that almost anything that could conduct electricity (even sections of barbed wire fence) became part of the KAAY antenna.

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Anonymous said...

A.J., DM's remarks reminds me of a shipbuilder here in Mobile, building a new facility next to WMOB, 1360 AM...there were several workers who said they could literally hear the beams vibrate with audio...they were also complaining of getting "bit" when touching the metal!

I haven't heard from my friend who works there since he told me this, as, due to some corporate reasons, he didn't get an official release to publish this info, but I couldn't resist!

WMOB runs 5000 watts during the day and 212 watts at night. Bud, Mobile, AL