Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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I always thought that "creating a need, then filling it" was a boo-boo way of doing business...not everyone would buy into the satellite, subscription-only radio. Folks who would enjoy it were those who travelled a lot (truck drivers, etc.), but, even at that, it was the radio version of cabel TV: "100 Channels and there's nothing on!". Nonetheless, in some cases, it beat twiddling the knob, constantly looking for a favored format, but I didn't think it'd last. Maybe something will happen, but, their audience was small and specialized to begin with.

Waiting to see what happens to HDTV, HD radio and other technologies being forced upon us...already, one local TV station is saying they're NOT pulling the analog plug 2/17/09....Bud, Mobile, AL

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Gazmik said...

I can understand the change to digital TV. The broadcast signal has been the same for over half a century with modifications for color and stereo sound. And it does take a lot of bandwidth.

But the thing that I don't like is that in fringe reception areas, you could watch a snowy picture. But, if you don't get a good digital signal, it's choppy, or nothing.

I used to have a rather large TV antenna and a rotor and it was always fun to DX TV. Especially in the rare times when there was skip on the TV broadcast band. How well would that work with an iffy digital signal?