Monday, February 09, 2009

Where do we go from here?, comment

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Yup, I get where you're going...we need MORE "American Grafitti" experiences! Kinda how more folks had memorable experiences while listening to the "Mighty 1090".

Well, I usually have fun semi-reliving those days...I'll put a CD on with the audio we've collected at work, turn it up and work in the office or the warehouse...the LATER, the BETTER, since, when I listened, it was usually mid-to-late evenings at work. All those nights, diving 'way out of the way, as well, so I could listen longer...but, hey, I could pop the CD into a player and drive around late at night, but I tend to fall asleep early, being past 50! Plus, gasoline isn't 30-35 cents, any more....

"Doc", I hope you continue to recuperate and get well SOON! And, I'm awaiting the opportunity to hear the audio you still have, if and when you are able to get it changed over...don't tease us!!!

Thank you for all you do, and for this blog as well. Bud, Mobile, AL

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