Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comment on Bo RIder Aircheck

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I agree, A.J., sounded pretty homogenized, absolutely nothing like the raw, comedic, but professional version of KAAY in it's heyday.

Maybe that's a kinda disfunctional way of describing the station, but when there was fun to be heard, it was there...when some serious music came along, so be it...and, when the news came on or a community event was being advertised, you could be sure they got the idea across! I have never heard another station like KAAY in it's heyday and probably not hear another one again.

In a related vein, I listened to KMOX, St. Louis, MO this past weekend, when they were commenting on a hockey game; that was about the closest to home-town as I've heard in a while. On the weekends, there's little nationwide syndicated programming, so sometimes, local flavor can be had...but, I'm not a sports nut, so....

Keep the audio coming!!! Bud, Mobile, AL

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