Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More KAAY Programming Principles

I've written before about contests. Take a look at previous posts by typing "contests" in the upper left window and search this blog.

In the KAAY top 40 days, contests were a year round day to day programming function.
Often the sales department was called on to find and trade out the prizes.

There were major contests and phone-in smaller contests. There were registrations at sponsors, mail- in and of course phone.

These contests were run regardless of the rating period. Even in those days the rating services would put an asterick on your rating if they felt you ran a contest that artificially inflated your rating.

These contests were in addition the the numerous record "name it and claim it" features.

Even in those days there were professional contest players. This resulted in limitations on how often you could win.

Contests were fun for the listener and the jocks. Everyone enjoyed them except possibly the sales department.

What do you see happening in radio today in the contest area.

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Anonymous said...

"Doc", my wife used to work at a hospital here in Mobile, as the Chief Operator/Insurance Biller, so she had access to many phone lines all day long. This hospital was caty-corner across the street from long-time Top 40 station WABB AM/FM. She would listen to the station all day long and start hitting line after line after line, trying to win the stuff they offered. And, BOY! did she ever rake it in! It got to the point that she won so much, they had to limit what someone could win each month. Needless to say, she would win stuff in her mom's name, her two sister's names, etc. They KNEW the voice, but the other women members would go & pick the prizes up, so things could be kept "straight"! And, these were the days before Caller I.D.

Nowadays, there are still stations here in Mobile, AL announcing that, if you have won in the last 30 days, you cannot claim a prize....

Bud, Mobile, AL