Wednesday, July 23, 2008

After Clyde Clifford

A. J., as far as Clyde/Dale commenting on the site, what about the latter personalities that followed him? T'would be interesting, to say the least! I did a search and found this:

"To be fair, there were actually a number of other personalities that followed Clyde Clifford. Among the many people who hosted the show after Clyde, there were several Ken Knights. As mentioned earlier, many names were given to the jocks to use at KAAY until 1976 when Dick Downes became the Program Director replacing Wayne Moss. In order to give the show more verisimillitude, Downes had the next host use his real name. So, there was Beaker Street with Stuart (McRae) for the last few years into the mid seventies. Stuart truly looked and lived the part of the '70s Hippy DJ, complete with the hair, beard and jeans. His approach was very laid back and mellow and his music selections were excellent. Under Downes' direction, Stuart (he just used his first name on air) expanded the show from the original three hours to a full five and a half (11:00 PM to 4:30 AM) achieving some of the best ratings the show ever attained, besting the 10 PM lead-in hour with twice the audience. Unfortunately, McRae's rabbi, Downes, departed and when replacement Carl Hamilton took over the Program Director position in early 1977, he decided to end Beaker Street (it wasn't consistent with the rest of the day) to much protest from all over the world (KAAY had an amazing signal). The last Beaker Street show was done by Don Payne. Stuart McRae resigned more-or-less on the spot after being informed of the end of Beaker Street on KAAY."

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May I comment on the comment. This is excellent research. The common thought is to always associate Beaker Street with Clyde. If is my fault for not pursuing what happened after Clyde. When Wayne Moss left, almost all of the folks I know were gone. And when Pat Walsh left, all of my contacts with KAAY were lost.

I would really encourage any and all of those in the latter days of KAAY to contribute to this blog. Anyone who worked with KAAY, has great stories to contribute
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