Thursday, July 24, 2008

Know the facts

Here is a comment from a far out blog:

This subject is painful, as my dad was a deejay during the golden age of rock and roll. He invented album cuts with a show called Beaker Street — it was on a.m. radio at the time and broadcast 100,000 watts at night. People from Cuba have told me they listened to the midnight album cuts show, and Paul Shaffer used to listen to it… but when computers entered the picture, it was the beginning of the end for the deejay and the program director. Time’s pendulum will swing real music back to the airwaves, I hope and pray.

Wow, that takes me back to high school, doing homework while listening to KAAY. It had a huge signal out of Little Rock that bounced off the ionosphere, so you could hear this AM station from hundreds of miles away. It’s probably safe to say that Beaker Street turned a lot of people on to serious music, the kind you didn’t hear on Top 40. Say hello and thanks to your father from a fan.

Dale A/K/A Clyde C. did you have a son who wrote this?
And I would have thought that everyone knows 50,000 watts is the maximum for any AM station in the United States.
Can you believe any of it?

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Anonymous said...

Well, 'way back in Jr. High, I was told by some kid that his older brother was the drummer for Iron Butterfly when they recorded "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"...and I think he was just looking for attention. Never can tell, I'll research the band and see if they had a drimmer from the Mobile, AL area...Bud, Mobile