Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For a Few Insiders

KAAY from the beginning was full of "inside" material. Howard Watson a/k/a/ Ken Knight was probably the biggest instigator of this. With his late night show he had a bit more freedom to go "way out". Often only Howard understood what he was saying. Much of the "bits" required you work in the Channel 11 building to understand what was going on. Anyone outside of Arkansas would have never understand the "Ear On Arkansas" program. The nighttime national audience had no idea of what our competition was in the daytime.

Radio station ratings are usually based on morning drive. As I mentioned in a previous post, Brother Hal, a/k/a Hal Webber was always our big battle. I ran across a wonderfully detailed article on Hal. It is a very long piece. It even mentions Walt Sadler a/k/a Ron Owens who did news mach later at KLRA. Those of you who worked with me at KAAY will probably be the only ones who will invest the time to read all of this article : http://www.fewmets.net/articles/cochran/hal.html

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Not only did I read it, but I'll reread it again after my workday is over, to fully absorb the history of Bro. Hal.

Keep 'em coming, A. J.! Bud, Mobile, AL