Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where are they now?

Thanks for the update as to where some of the aforementioned FM stations are now:

The three other radio stations that were mentioned, only one is still on the air today. That station is KSSN. Speaking of which, KSSN is celebrating their 30th year this year. Bob Robbins has been there since day one. He went there after leaving KAAY.
KKYK is now the local RTN TV channel in Little Rock.
The former radio station is now KABZ, 1037 THE BUZZ, A sports-talk station. This station is currently located in the Cottondale building.
KLAZ is currently on the air in Hot Springs at 105.9, playing the current hits.
Currently on 98.5 is KURB B98.5, playing music from the 80's to today. It is one of the sister stations to KAAY.
Then and now these stations are rated in the top five in the arbitron ratings.

Now my comment on KSSN
When I was at KAAY, we were battling KLRA for ratings, even though there were two other top 40 stations in the market. And what was the format of KLRA? Country! And what is the format of KSSN? Country! Actually that is a little misleading. The only time period we battled KLRA for was morning drive time and that was Brother Hal. He was the reason for their #1 rating in that time period. When he did play some music it was country and not very good country. As to KSSN I give all the credit to Bob Robbins. He was great at KAAY and took some audience with him. He built a strong following because he was a good personality D.J. regardless of the music he played. KSSN started at the time country was becoming more rock and they seized that opportunity.
Bob has stuck with it. Other good personality D.J.'s in the Little Rock market have changed stations, markets,or formats or gone to television. Long live Bob Robbins!

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I want to put in a comment about the ratings. How were ratings done? Now ratings are divided into different groups. For instance between the age groups between men and women. The overall ratings posted on Arbitron are listeners 12 and older. The ratings are ranked with all these groups mixed in together. Just check out the ratings @