Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Bozo a/k/a Gary Weir

Russell W. has left a new comment on your post "More Bozo Comments":

One Bozo-ism I recall hearing while channel-surfing one afternoon -- I was in my late teens when I moved to Arkansas ... a little, ummmm, "old" for that show: Interviewing one of the kids in the audience, Weir/Bozo asked where she was from and she replied, "Malvern." His answer: "Malvern ... is that anywhere near Malvern?"

Russell Wells
Rincon, Ga.

I sure if we watched old Bozo episodes they would be full of DJ type adlibs. Remember Gary was first a disc jockey.

Early TV was full of great local programming. Most early TV studios had a cooking set. Some stations even did local talent or quiz shows, and of course a dance party.

Today local TV is almost exclusively news. Bring back Bozo and the cooking shows....wait Food Network has already done that 24 hours a day and in H.D.

Speaking of old TV. You all know of my fondness for WKRP. So on a HOT Sat. afternoon that was too hot to be outside, I watched some of the old News Radio sitcom episodes. I didn't like it any better than when it was first out. I only watched it originally because it had a radio theme. Lame it was and is just lame.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of WKRP, it aired again on WGN...they must be rotating the old shows. Unfortunately, I was again away from home and found out too late to record. I'd like to get copies, if anyone has any...glad to pay! Bud, Mobile, AL