Monday, July 14, 2008

More Bozo Comments

Lancer has left a new comment on your post "Gary Weir & Bozo The Clown":

"From the big, tall tower in Redfield so all the kids can see the Showzobo."

"Were you born in Septober or Octember?"

"Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?"

Great quotes. Great memories.

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Russell W. said...

One Bozo-ism I recall hearing while channel-surfing one afternoon -- I was in my late teens when I moved to Arkansas ... a little, ummmm, "old" for that show: Interviewing one of the kids in the audience, Weir/Bozo asked where she was from and she replied, "Malvern." His answer: "Malvern ... is that anywhere near Malvern?"

Russell Wells
Rincon, Ga.