Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Haunting Continues

Scott Reed has left a new comment on your post "The legend rolls on":

I talked to Clyde/Dale last night (7/27) about KAAY and the haunted transmitter. He said that he heard doors opening and closing when he knew for sure that he was the only one in the building.

He also mentioned that the KAAY location on Capital also had some strange occurrences - cabinet doors opening on their own, etc.

I encouraged Dale to visit your blog and post his comments about the haunted transmitter.

Thanks Scott for that comment. I too remember strange occurrences in the 7th Street & Capitol studios. Most of those were probably pranks from other staffers. Like the time Joe DIckey and a few others hid a walkie talkie in a file cabinet in the front office, and sent strange words to the secretary.

Most of these "hauntings" always occurred at either location, when someone is alone in the buildings. Weekends in the case of the 7th street. Also, let's face it. D.J.'s are more likely to be haunted than normal folks.

Incidently this posting is being made in the middle of the night, with music from Charade playing in the background. Backward!

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