Thursday, July 17, 2008

From another Site

The contents of this comment have been covered before in this blog however, I reprint this here because it is an interesting collection of facts and conjecture (about the transmitter being haunted)(and the current Beaker St info is out of date). Here is the comments posted on another site:

Beaker Street was radiated from a 1952 RCA transmitter that was as big as six Cadillacs stacked three-wide by two-deep. When you walked behind it, every hair on your body would stand up. The power tubes were thick as tree trunks and waist-high to a grown man.

The KAAY transmitter site was (still is) built on what was once a graveyard. All the graves were relocated, except for the one occupied by Glaspie Dillard (IIRC), who died when he was a child. His tombstone still stands near the west tower of the array. Yes, the transmitter building is haunted.

Beaker Street still runs every Sunday night at 7:00 on Magic 105 FM (KMJX) in Little Rock, hosted by Clyde Clifford (the very same!).

I notice the site is down at the moment, but "Titanic" may be available for download at .

Any further questions?


Anonymous said...

A correction needs to be made. Beaker Street is currently on The Point 94.1 (KKPT), it is still on Sunday nights @ 7PM.

Anonymous said...

the transmitter site is not haunted, I've been there several times. The christian talk and teaching is too much for the devil to take. john