Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Comment of WLS & John Rook

Doug Krile has left a new comment on your post "WLS & John Rook":

What a great read! Thanks a million for the link! Between KAAY and WLS, I cut my listening-teeth during the 60's.

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The section about the GM at WLS at the time, made me really appreciate even more the GMs at KAAY. You have seen the video of Lind Carl Voth the second GM.(and there will be at least one move part of the video soon) That will give you a good feel for the management style during the formative years of KAAY. Then as Pat Walsh became GM we were all treated to a completely different management style. Some of us may have not really understood his style and especially wives of men employees. Pat was one of a kind, and had a way of getting the best out of everyone.

I'm sure the atmosphere of WLS and many other large stations was charged with the sales vs programming vs management.

Pat was a master at getting programming people into sales. And we all know sales is where the money is.

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