Thursday, July 17, 2008

The legend rolls on

Read the post just below this one before you read this comment:

I just read the post about Glaspie Dillard. It’s the first time I heard the name but not the first time I heard the legend. I don’t remember seeing a gravestone near the west tower although the west tower was the one always mentioned in the ghost legend stories I heard from several people. I have always thought it was an interesting story, possibly true but never quite sure about it. The kind of thing that made working there, –er, interesting.

I’m glad to know that other people heard the story too. It was waa-aay too many years ago, but I think Dale S. had an “artful” version of the legend.

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Scott Reed said...

I talked to Clyde/Dale last night (7/27) about KAAY and the haunted transmitter. He said that he heard doors opening and closing when he knew for sure that he was the only one in the building.

He also mentioned that the KAAY location on Capital also had some strange occurances - cabinet doors opening on their own, etc.

I encouraged Dale to visit your blog and post his comments about the haunted transmitter.