Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dick Price & The Singing Pig Program heard from!

My a new computer and was trying to navigate about on it and lo and behold there was an inquiry from someone with a VERY long memory!
Dick Price alive and moderately well, if somewhat super-annuated.
Did I read right that Fred is in Huntsvfille? I worked there twice @ WAAY-TV for about 5 years.
I'm trying to remember the weather guy who also left TV here in Little Rock and went to H'ville.
We lived next dock to each other @ River Valley marina (Ken Rainey?)
I would like to once again clear up the Singing Pig thing...I was NEVER the Singing Pig...the PROGRAM was called the Singing Pig.
Talk Show on KAAY. "Never try to teach a pig to sing...wastes your time and annoys the pig."
My bride REALLY gets panties in a wad when someone calls her Ms. Pig.
Anyhow: Thanx for remembering. After radioing for 4 decades the KAAY gig was the most fun I ever had.
Dick Price
501 258 7194

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MorningMouth said...

Holy Cow! If this isn't an incredible coincidence, I don't know what is! I was a "Singing Pig" faithful listener as a kid growing up in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Is the e-mail address you posted here a current one for Mr. Price? I sent him a lengthy letter tonight, and want to make sure it gets to him.
I was a big fan of that show, and among others, he was an influence on my decision to choose radio broadcasting as a career.

-Jimmy Rowe
News Director
Hometown Family Radio/McCook, NE