Thursday, August 14, 2008

Arkansas Airwaves comment by Dave Montgomery

I ran across my copy of Ray Poindexter’s “Arkansas Airwaves” today and flipped through its pages once again. It’s been quite a while since I went through the book. I was reminded how much radio history is in that book and how much I have forgotten! What a wonderful history of KTHS, and no detail was left out. For your readers interested in the genesis of KAAY, from the first days of KTHS in Hot Springs, this is the book to have.

There’s not much contemporary history of KAAY in the book, but it mentions the application to transfer license to Multimedia. I’d bet you have enough information to write that missing KAAY chapter in Ray’s book with what you’ve gathered in your blog work and your other sources.

One thing I regret is that during my time at KAAY, I took few photos of the buildings, the people, and the studios. I can still draw the floorplan of the 7th street studios and the Cottondale Lane studios in my mind, but I don’t have the photos that show the inside.

There’s a copy of “Arkansas Airwaves”, listed for sale on this website for about $45 -

The listing says “signed by author”.

Thanks Dave, I think the $45 for a signed copy would be a good investment. Many radio books that are out of print are $100 or more.

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Anonymous said...

Here is another where are they now story. I was listening to the show The Zone on 1037 The Buzz this morning and heard that KTHS in Berryville now carries The Zone.
The Zone is on weekdays from 10AM-1PM weekdays. KTHS and a station in NWA are now affiliates of The Zone. I mention this because KTHS was on 1090 before KAAY. I wasn't born yet when KTHS was in Little Rock, however I read the history.