Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Matt White a/k/a Sonny Martin

I have written before of Matt and I hope you will look at the previous posts.
I have hoped out loud on this blog that Matt would contribute because he has so much history on KAAY. I have even emailed him through the fishing place but got no response.
A reader to this blog found Matt's bio on the station website where he works in Searcy AR. Here is the link to the bio:


The reader who sent me this link said:
He's still working? WOW!

Yes and I think Matt is my age or a year or two younger.

Lot's of the "old timers" are still on the air.

Radio is one medium that doesn't judge you by your age.

I hope those of us who are "older" will never use that as an excuse.
I look on age as a state of mind and I hope I can continue to stay up with technology and continue to try to be creative and be ready for the rapid evolution in entertainment.

Hang in their Matt and never ever give up.

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