Thursday, August 21, 2008

Secret Sound Contest Remembered

One contest that was really big around the late 80's was The Secret Sound Contest. A caller had to guess what the sound was.
If the answer wasn't right, the jackpot would increase. The sounds could be anything from a pulley being pulled to a car door closing. Some of them were really tough. The station that orginally did it was K-LITE 94, which is no longer on the air. Another station did it for a brief period, however I can't remember which one it was.

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Russell W. said...

This brings to mind an aircheck I have of David Letterman in the late '60s, jocking on his college's carrier-current AM station in Indiana. Dave does a really good parody of the "secret sound" contests. Caller: "Is that a set of horse dentures hitting a metal shotgun casing?" Dave: "You're RIGHT!!"

We need a return to the good old days of radio contests - back when stations gave away smaller prizes to more listeners. Not the "be the 300th caller to qualify for the luxury Caribbean cruise!" stuff you see today.

One thing I learned from the small-ticket prizes we gave away when I worked at KOTN in the late '80s: you've made the listener's month. Even if it's just a free Big Mac or a TCBY waffle cone, they just WON SOMETHING ON THE RADIO.

Just my .02 in tarnished slugs. Please keep doing this blog! I read every word you write, as clearly many others do. Generally I comment on blogs when I feel like I have something to say, but otherwise keep silent.

--Russell Wells, Savannah GA