Sunday, August 10, 2008

More on Ratings

From a comment:

The ratings systems that were used in the 60's, were demographics used to measure ratings. For example, one station was #1 with one group and another station with another demographic. Were ratings measured during the time of day and between age groups?
Arbitron just released the ratings of the stations in Little Rock late last week. You can check the overall ratings at
The top 5 stations in Little Rock are KSSN,KOKY,KKPT(The Point 94.1),
KHLR,(Halleluah 94.9), and KABZ (103.7 The Buzz). These are the overall ratings from 6am-midnight.
The Point 94.1 ratings jumped in part to adding Beaker Street.


I will dig up some of the old Pulse ratings and show some examples of the information they contained.
You could take a Pulse book and prove your station leading in something. It could be left handed midgets.
In order to use the ratings for sales or advertising purposes you had to be a subscriber.

I notice in the current Arbitron for Fort Smith AR, that two of the top stations are not shown in the public information because they are not subscribers. Those who subscribe can see the numbers but to the general public the release of the ratings do not show the top two stations in the market.

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