Monday, August 18, 2008

Thanks Bud for a great link

Click on the picture for a video of Rock & Roll legend Roger McGuinn's collection of small transistor radios...a poster mentioned listening to KAAY, which was his favorite R&R station:

I have a friend and fellow Ham operator who, as a kid, used a small transistor radio in bed late at night to listen to KAAY; it ate 9-volt batteries like crazy, so, being a Ham, he built a little 9-volt power supply he could plug into the wall and listened without eating any more batteries!


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Gazmik said...

That's how I found KAAY. When I was a kid, I had a transistor radio that I would stick under my pillow and listen to at night, and I would listen to Beaker Street. It influenced me to want to go into broadcasting, but then dealing with an hour program on a local radio station for a Junior Achievement company, I realized that most radio stations didn't offer the musical variety that Beaker Street did.

I did get my First Class commercial license, but ended up going into data communications.