Sunday, August 03, 2008

Did You Encounter Problems Accessing this Site?

A few days ago, alert reader Dave Montgomery emailed us that trying to access this site with Internet Explorer resulted in an ERROR. And he went on to suggest it was probably the site meter on the blog that I use for counts, and referrals, and all sorts of information. He was right. I didn't catch it as many of you, as well as I, use some other browser. The problem only seemed to affect I.E. I quickly removed the counter and that solved the problem, except I didn't have a good counter. I use other counters on other blogs but they don't have as much info as site meter. Thanks to a computer guru of mine, I have a new free counter that gives me most of the info that site meter did.

I hope they become aware of their problem; Microsoft, Sitemeter or whomever.

I have had no responses to my contest with the free gas card or the portable reel to reel tape recorder. If you are new to this blog, do a search in the upper left and search this blog for "free gas card".

I ran across some old KAAY tee shirts I would like to give away. Let's start another contest for any KAAY music survey that is NOT posted on this blog. It can be a scan, link, actual survey or whatever you can come up with. I will post a photo of the KAAY Tee shirt soon. This was the actual shirt given away by KAAY. (Not a repo).

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Gazmik said...

Have you looked at Google Analytics for getting your statistics?