Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whatever happened to KTHS?

Here is another where are they now story. I was listening to the show The Zone on 1037 The Buzz this morning and heard that KTHS in Berryville now carries The Zone.
The Zone is on weekdays from 10AM-1PM weekdays. KTHS and a station in NWA are now affiliates of The Zone. I mention this because KTHS was on 1090 before KAAY. I wasn't born yet when KTHS was in Little Rock, however I read the history.

If you haven't read the history Dave is referring to, search this blog for KTHS.

Again, I must speak against the trend to promote only a station name, like "big dog", "alice" etc. The listener has always been conditioned to call letters. In the early days of top 40 much effort and even money was expended to get a good set of call letters. Often the call letters spelled something, I.E. WAKY, KEEL, WONE, (even though I never remember them calling themselves "one". Just like we never just called ourselves "Kay". T.V. stations are falling into the same trap of building an image based on a channel number, which on cable is meaningless.

I have not received one single comment on the "contests" discussion. If I don't get at least one, THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST.


Anonymous said...

The broadcast history buffs who have researched this blog will learn the story of the original KTHS, which became KAAY over Labor Day weekend in 1962.

Also, I don't like the trend to give a station a moniker, such as "The River" or "The Farm." Give me the good days of the call signs, which made perfect sense.



Richard Robinson

Gazmik said...

In Mason City, Iowa (Buddy Holly's plane crashed after taking off from the Mason City airport) there is KRIB at 1490 AM. Sounds kind of korny to me! ;)