Thursday, December 04, 2008

Comment on Felix McDonald

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A.J., I'm pretty well convinced that guys like Felix are getting fewer and farther between... lotsa solid-state stuff going in and not much tube gear anymore, EXCEPT!... when Hams rescue the transmitters and resurrect them for Amateur radio usage! Check this link out:

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I have talked to Paul Courson, WA3VJB, before, on AM and he has extraordinary audio! And, such a gentleman on the air! He was quite accomodating to me, picking my peanut-whistle signal out from amongst the "big boys" and made me feel welcome (I can only run 40 watts from my Kenwood TS-140S). He, and others, try to rescue these fine old transmitters from the scrap heap and put them back into service. They may not be the newest, or the prettiest, BUT, with some TLC and P.M., retuning to the lower Ham band(s) and lowering their power to our lower, legal levels, these transmitters will last 'way past our lifetimes!

Many of these Hams were (and some still are) broadcast engineers that have a love and appreciation for older equipment and hate to see it scrapped.

Personally, when I get my Drake TR-4 on the air (and later, my Johnson Viking II), I'll have a little more power for "ancient-mode" operating...maybe one day, I'll be fortunate enough to grab one of the big 'uns and build a shack for it (and me?). AM still rules! Bud, Mobile, AL

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