Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Global Warming

It's hard to buy global warming when it snows in New Orleans. Here in Alma AR today we are having an ice problem. Let's hope the power holds because only one local radio station has any kind of emergency power. Television has taken over as the source for emergency information.

The aircheck to the far right is from Ron Henselman W9FT Melrose Park, IL. It was recorded during the Christmas season. The PSA is from Dan Diamond a voice many of you will remember.

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Anonymous said...

I agree...I don't believe any of the politically-motivated global warming hooey! Especially when the Antarctic ice cap never shrank during the summer, but actually GREW in size, and we, ourselves, in the sunny South, are having some really cold temps! Heck, last year, we set some records down here in and near Mobile, AL.

I took an Earth Science class back in high school 31 years ago...it was the most interesting course I ever took! We went back to how animals act, actual weather patterns, etc., before there were computer-generated scenarios, Doppler radar and satellite information. We were able to predict the weather BETTER than the local weathermen could...and, yes, we called them "weathermen" back then!

Back to the present, I have noticed that squirrels are very, very busy lately and my dog's coat is getting pretty thick....

Years ago, one of the best here in Mobile was longtime forecaster Danny Traynor; he was very accurate, even before the advent of computer weathercasting. He left Mobile years ago, bound for Disneyworld in Florida to forecast the weather there. When asked about the secret to his success in forecasting, he said he read and consulted the almanac!

Don't know where he is today; a search didn't unearth him. Most likely, he's either resting up on some sunny Florida beach, or is still working under an assumed name in another TV market...who knows?

Hey, does anyone remember the stick-on weather symbols the weathermen used, like the sun with the rotating rays, et. al.? Bud, Mobile, AL