Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Very Important Aircheck

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This may be my most valuable aircheck. Actually, it's just a promo. It's a promo that has a short clip of the voice of each of the original jocks that started KAAY.
The first Doc Holiday, the first Mike McCormick and so on. This is long for a promo 1:49. I am so thankful that it was done. To my knowledge, this type promo was never done again. In a year many of these voices were gone and replaced with another Doc Holiday etc. The guys moved on the bigger stations. The promo is a take off on a TV show "THe Mod Squad". Sonny Martin The voice on this promo was probably John K. Anderson a/k/a Jack Grady. If anyone can confirm that please let me know. Listen closely to each voice. They are short clips that at least give you an idea of each voice. The player is on the far right and please save this on your computer with this:


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Anonymous said...

And, VERY cool music, too, as I noted in another entry! By the way, A.J., mentioning The Mod Squad also reminded me of another cool music track: that of Police Squad, with Leslie Neilson! Here's a YouTube link:


This a Police Squad intro...and, even though this isn't radio-related, I believe it's one of the funniest shows ever aired! Bud, Mobile, AL