Wednesday, December 31, 2008

XM/Sirius Comment

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What Happened to Sonic Salute on XM Radio?":

Good move, in my opinion, to cancel your subscription to XM! I never liked them, and liked them even less when they signed on Stern.

I'm noticing more & more when we tune to our Sirius channels on Dish Network, that now they call themselves "Sirius/XM". I've also noticed some changes in names and formats for the different channels. One of my favorites, "Jazz Cafe" is now "Watercolors", a name having NOTHING to do with jazz! One other of my favorites, the contemporary Christian channel, is now called, "Spirit", an innocuous name, at best, from what it used to be. There are other inane names given to other channels, as well.

I suppose both sides have to "tune up" their image, but I believe subscription radio has run it's course and will eventually die. I seriously dislike when someone "creates a need, then fills it", whether it's subscription radio, HD radio, HDTV, new drugs or whatever! There is no reason to be forced into something such as any of these. Bud, Mobile, AL

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