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Cuban Missile Crisis

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One other comment, A.J.: some people in this country would see a commercial station lending it's outlet for such as KAAY did as "government control" and "a fascist take-over" of a station. I say, with something potentially harmful-looking that close to our border, it should be justifiable and patriotic.

With China and Cuba drilling for oil practically within sight of our Florida coast, and our own government NOT allowing us to do so, is outright ignoring of our rights and our OWN resources by our elected officials...something that WOULDN'T have happened 40 short years ago...and, I'm sure, this same government wouldn't want to "interfere" in other societies' or country's "broadcasting borders"...sheesh!

We have sent generator techs in several areas like Cuba, Haiti, etc., after hurricanes, etc. They are put in a limo van with no windows and ferried to and from jobs, never allowed to sight-see. It's no wonder people in those countries, et. al., want the truth and freedom!

I say, if a U.S. signal bleeds over the border, so be it! AM, FM or Shortwave (which, the latter is mostly the case), let the power flow. We get a LOT of interference from Cuba on 710 AM at night here in Mobile, as it is....Bud, Mobile, AL
Remember that VOA requested all the stations involved to "volenteer". KAAY asked to join in. When you read Richard's paper you begin to understand why stations might have felt intimidated. KAAY was apparently not on the original list because of the call letter change. It was Jim Hankins a/k/a Mike McCormick who contacted the government since station management and the LIN president were unavailable. Fred Gregg, LIN President, was not happy at all about the decision until he was invited to the White House for an award. (Read previous posts about Cuban Missile Crisis>

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