Friday, December 05, 2008

KAAY Song Intros

We always had a set of song intros. There were changed seasonally. Jim Hankins a/k/a
Mike McCormick who was the first program director, wrote and produced the "sound" for the station. This would include all the song intros, i.e. oldies, #1 song, Discovery,
etc. Then there were the contests, news intros, traffic, etc. Today I have selected two intros. Sorry I can't identify the voices. However, I believe I was at KAAY at this time because the announcers say kAay. With the emphasis on the first A. When KAAY first started most of the jocks and even some promos would say Kay double A Y. Mike realized people were hearing K W a y. Since in the South W is pronounced double yah.
To correct this, he insisted we all say and produce the k A a y. The player is to the far right and the link below for recording:


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