Monday, December 01, 2008


Hi AJ –

A little more “backroom” stuff – you mentioned WCFL as being one of your favorites.

In the ‘70’s, KAAY used a consulting engineer to help develop the sound of the station and work specifically on the audio processing of KAAY and its new sister station, KLPQ. We hired Jim Loupas, former chief engineer of WCFL to come to Little Rock and work us on various aspects of the sound of KAAY and KLPQ. During this time, I became friends with Jim, which continued through my ITC days.

When Jim first came to KAAY, I have to admit being a bit nervous about what he would say about how the station sounded. It turned out that he was highly complimentary and he helped us get some of the things we had wanted; specialized audio processing equipment and better microphones, for example. Jim was already familiar with KAAY’s big RCA 50kW transmitter (WCFL used the same model), and most of the studio equipment we were using was already on his “A” list. We spent hours talking about how he did things in Chicago, which was a first rate learning experience for me.

Jim could talk ratings with the PD, he could talk sales with the Sales Manager, operations with the GM, and he could also talk technical with us engineers. He knew it all, and he moved easily between all the major disciplines within the station’s hierarchy.

Jim Loupas’s website is and you can read about his principles of loudness versus ease of listening.


Dave M//
Very interesting. I never knew of this. How did he get along with Pat Walsh?
I never heard Pat mention this.

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