Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Were You at KAAY when Ray Lincolm did Mornings?

A.J., I finally caught up with Bill Hickok (Bill Hagel) who was a deejay at KAAY for a short time in 1980...he gave me permission to share this with you for the KAAY blogspot:

"It was always my dream to work at KAAY. I used to listen at night up in northern Illinois and would dream of being on the flamethrower of the MidSouth. I quit my job in Rockford Illinois and went to work at my dad's bar while I looked for another radio job. I put an ad in one of the trades, and got a call from a former Rockford dj who was at KAAY as program director. He had heard me in Rockford and offered me the midday job. The day I got there, he was fired along with two other djs. I almost never got on the air. I remember Ray Lincoln was the morning guy at the time. Maybe you can refresh my memory as to who else was on the air back then. But finally, to answer your question, I did middays from 10am-2pm and I was only at KAAY for 8 months when I got a call to do mornings at FM100 in Memphis.

Bill Hickok
Mornings, KBMR Radio
Bismarck, ND"

Hope this helps fill a little more of the KAAY history book(s)! Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

A.J., I decided, "why not go to KBMR's website and see if I can find Bill Hickok?" and there he was, top of the list of personalities! Here's his bio:

Bud, Mobile, AL